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Apple Crumble, Apple Tart (Ron/Hermione, 12+) - Dare You To Move
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Apple Crumble, Apple Tart (Ron/Hermione, 12+)
OK, so. I have written an 8-chapter Ron/Hermione fic. I have been writing it on and off since 2007 (pre-DH!) and recently I pulled the whole thing together and finished it. It was the most fun writing I have had in a long time. Originally it started off as a one-shot, but the story just kept writing and writing itself.

It is completely written. I am currently going through and putting finishing touches to it, and am posting the chapters as I go (probably every few days). So it will definitely not be abandoned unfinished.

Feedback is always always appreciated. I really hope you enjoy it :)

Apple Crumble, Apple Tart (Ron/Hermione, 12+)
Author: akissinacrisis

Six weeks after the end of the war, Hermione vanished without a trace. Eighteen years later, Ron goes looking for her and finds a little more than he’s bargained for: his child. What follows is the rapid unravelling of a long-kept secret over the course of a few hot days in August. Love, betrayal, Weasley family melodrama. Ron/Hermione. 12+. 8 chapters. EWE for Ron and Hermione.

I: The Cottage Up North

She grins, places her palms on the low stone wall behind her and jumps up so that she’s sitting on it. ‘You’re an ex-boyfriend.’
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