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Apple Crumble, Apple Tart: Part V - Dare You To Move
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Apple Crumble, Apple Tart: Part V
Apple Crumble, Apple Tart (Ron/Hermione, 12+)
Author: akissinacrisis

Six weeks after the end of the war, Hermione vanished without a trace. Eighteen years later, Ron goes looking for her and finds a little more than he’s bargained for: his child. What follows is the rapid unravelling of a long-kept secret over the course of a few hot days in August. Love, betrayal, Weasley family melodrama. Ron/Hermione. 12+. 8 chapters (almost completely written). EWE for Ron and Hermione.

V: Sweethearts

The Burrow, present day. Nobody is happy. Some people shout; some people run away.

He doesn’t really know what to say, but he knows one thing: he’s here for a story, and it had better be good.
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