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A funny and romantic Ron/Hermione fan-fiction.
Hello fellow Good Ship Shippers!

I just wanted to shamelessly self-promote my newest Ron/Hermione story on FanFiction.Net. Hope you'll enjoy it! I do think it's quite funny, but that might just be me... I am addicted to reviews so if you want to feed my addiction you know what to do... Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Title: The Day Ron and Hermione Decided to Revive Their Sex Life
Author: Ely-Baby

Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Period: Post-Hogwarts
Rating: M
Genres: Romance/Humor
Summary: Mayhem ensues when Ron and Hermione decide to restore the passion that they used to share in their relationship. Following Harry and Ginny's pieces of advice, they find themselves in embarrassing situations and traumatic experiences. How far will they go to rekindle the flame? How many misadventures will they have to endure before succeeding?

Link: Here.


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