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"It’s done, isn’t it? We [...] now know that it's Ron and Hermione."
-- J.K Rowling, Interview w/ Mugglenet & TLC, 07/05

Welcome to Dare You To Move, a community for fans who love the pairing of Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger, both in book and movie form. The two had a rough start in the beginning of Jo's books...but we're proud to say we saw these two coming from a mile away! Please join us for news, discussions, and creative spells regarding our favorite "Harry Potter" couple. Help celebrate canon!

Some rules, though...

1. Please respect your fellow posters. Period.

2. This is a RON/HERMIONE SHIP community. If you dislike the idea of them, find yourself a community that's more to your tastes.

3. Fans of other HP ships are welcome to post here, but please be respectful of our community and its purpose.

4. Please STAY ON TOPIC! Irrelevant posts will be deleted.

5. Finally, you may want to familiarize yourself with OUR FAQ. It covers certain R/Hr terms and other important info.

6. Have fun. :)

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